About me - Martin Gregory Photography

I've been a photographer for many years, my main passion being landscapes and travel photography which probably comes from childhood holidays to the wilder parts of the UK, where I learned to love landscapes and climbing.  

Climbing took me to many beautiful locations, and I spent many days lugging around a Nikon FM and a couple of lenses up English, Scottish, and Welsh mountains capturing the beauty of the landscape around me.

I love travelling and exploring. Perhaps my favourite place in the world is the western United States, especially Utah, California and Arizona. The combination of mountains, canyons and deserts there is amazing for photography. However most of my photographs are taken near home in the Cotswolds, UK, where I am often stood in a cold field early in the morning waiting for the light. Most of my work is taken either around sunrise or sunset which while unsociable is when the light is at its best.

I also like to dabble in urban / street photography and some of this work is shown here as well.